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Sex Magic

It's not quite your average “Boy meets Girl, Boy loses Girl, Boy gets Girl back story.” In this story, the Boy is BABA DEZ, a renowned polyamorous (multiple relationships), sacred sexual healer, and the Girl, MAYA, is a sacred prostitute with a history of sexual abuse. Unable to cope with Dez’s desires for multiple lovers, Maya leaves Dez, heartbroken. To get her back, our hero does the exact thing that drove her away. With his many lovers, he performs the ritual of Sex Magic to Manifest Maya back into his life as his beloved. “Sex Magic, Manifesting Maya” takes an irreverent look at very reverent people, stepping inside the modern tantra world in meccas like Sedona and Hawaii. A prominent sacred sexual healer, Baba Dez is a pillar of the tantric community. His life's work is organizing tantric conferences around the world. He also does sexual healing with clients to help them overcome past abuse issues, or just to enrich their sexual and spiritual lives. His life's goal is no less then to save the planet by “doing the work.” Of his many lovers, Dez has chosen Maya (defined as illusion), a beautiful 33-year-old Tantrica to be his queen. Maya is the perfect feminine reflection of himself, albeit she's half his age, with half his experience. Together they host international conferences, inevitably rendezvousing with a myriad of Dez's lovers, both former and current. Pursuing a life of pleasure turns out to be quite stressful for Maya, evoking long-buried issues of jealousy and abandonment. Repulsed by the continual parade of Dez's lovers, Maya can take no more. She leaves him. Talk spreads through the Tantra community that Dez may have sexual addition issues. He’s accused of inappropriately using his lingam (penis) in healing work with his clients. Dez says it's dangerous for a man to do this work, suggesting it's the “wounded feminine lashing out.” He turns inward, to a path of celibacy, although he continues to move his energy through his self-pleasuring ritual (non-ejaculatory masturbating). But celibacy doesn’t last long. Dez goes to Hawaii with two lovers, one a raw food chef, the other an accomplished writer and sacred sexual healer. Together, they're writing a book about Sex Magic; the process of creating a god connection through love making to manifest dreams and desires. Married and with a young child of her own, Dez’s co-author claims that by making love with Dez, she's able to “download” all his wisdom given to him by his teachers. And for Dez, she “holds space” for Maya's return. Some many see an existential crisis in the clash between a man’s belief system and his reality. But Dez, rather than viewing his ploy lifestyle a hindrance to Maya’s return, stays doggedly confident that Sex Magic works and will manifest the return of his beloved Maya.

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